Saturday, June 20, 2009

Theodoret of Cyrus: Faith as Affection for the Lord

Having made these predictions, he proposes himself as a model for the disciple. You, on the contrary, have followed closely my instructions (v.10), that is, the truth in teaching. My way of life: the lifestyle in deeds. My purpose: you gained a precise knowledge of my aim as well. My faith: the degree of my affection for the Lord. My patience: how I put up with the failings of the brethren. My love: how much affection I bear to everyone. My endurance: how I bear nobly the assaults of the adversaries.

- Theodoret of Cyrus (around A.D. 393 to around A.D. 457), Commentary on 2 Timothy, Chapter 3, in Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul, Volume 2, p. 245 (2001), Robert C. Hill translator.