Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Chrysostom: Tree Provided Proof and Exercise in Good/Obedience and Evil/Disobedience

Do you see how he called the place after the event occurring in the place? Likewise the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is also the name given, not that it had a knowledge of good and evil, but because the proof of the knowledge of good and evil was given in connection with it, as well as exercise in disobedience and obedience.


Do you see how it is proven from so many examples that it is customary with Scriptures to call the actual places after the events occurring in the places? It is has the same custom in regard to times as well.

- John Chrysostom (around A.D. 347 to around A.D. 407), Sermon 7 on Genesis, in St. John Chrysostom, Eight Sermons on the Book of Genesis, pp. 119-20 (2004), Robert C. Hill translator.