Sunday, July 5, 2009

Theodoret of Cyrus: Scope of Women Teaching

Older women, likewise, to be of devout deportment (v.3). He referred to the elderly this way, not those assigned some ministry, calling the decorum of gravity devout. Not slanderous or addicted to wine. He mentioned this also in the letter to Timothy. Teaching what is good. Then he mentions whom and what they should teach. To teach the young women to be loving towards their husbands and children, self-controlled, chaste, house-proud, kindly, subject to their husbands so that the word of God is not blasphemed (vv.4-5): leaving their husbands on the pretext of piety was a cause of blasphemy of the message.

- Theodoret of Cyrus (around A.D. 393 to around A.D. 457), Commentary on Titus, Chapter 2, in Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul, Volume 2, p. 255 (2001), Robert C. Hill translator.