Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Theodoret of Cyrus: Atonement and the Incommunicable Attributes

Having freed us freed us from the deception of the idols, he is saying, and transferred us to his lordship, he bade us look forward to the second coming of the Only-begotten, who will render us superior to the threatened punishment. We must realize, of course, that it was not the divine nature of the Only-begotten that was raised from the dead, being immune to suffering, nor is Jesus any other son than the only-begotten Son. Instead, it is as a human being that he suffered, and as a human being that he rose.

- Theodoret of Cyrus (around A.D. 393 to around A.D. 457), Commentary on the First Letter to the Thessalonians, Chapter 1, in Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul, Volume 2, p. 109 (2001), Robert C. Hill translator.