Sunday, April 5, 2009

Theodoret of Cyrus: Teachers and Intercession

Having thus concluded this treatment as well, he offers exhortation to them about their teachers. Now, we ask you, brethren, to respect those who labor among you, preside over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to have the highest regard for them in love on account of their work. Be at peace with them (vv.12-13): it is proper that the teachers be accorded respect by you, that the due prerogative be tendered them by you, and there be no opposition to what is said by them (the meaning of Be at peace with them). The phrase, those who preside over you in the Lord, means those who lead you in prayer and offer intercession to God for you; the phrase, to have the highest regard for them in love, means to hold them in the highest honor, offered with sincere affection.

- Theodoret of Cyrus (around A.D. 393 to around A.D. 457), Commentary on the First Letter to the Thessalonians, Chapter 5, in Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul, Volume 2, p. 120 (2001), Robert C. Hill translator.