Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Theodoret of Cyrus: We Are Companions with Christ's Humanity not Divinity

The anointing was not with divinity but with humanity. The comparison also brings this out, with the oil of gladness beyond your companions: we are companions and sharers not of divinity but of humanity. The divine apostle also brought this out in the letter to the Philippians, "He will transform the body of our lowliness to become conformable to the body of the glory:" the body of the saints will be conformable not to the divinity but to the body of the glory.

- Theodoret of Cyrus (around A.D. 393 to around A.D. 457), Commentary on Hebrews, Chapter 1, in Theodoret of Cyrus, Commentary on the Letters of St. Paul, Volume 2, p. 143 (2001), Robert C. Hill translator.